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LTL on World Environment Day 2014!


Lunch Box Information:

Raise your voice not the sea level! This is the message of today’s (5 June 2014) World Environment Day celebrations across the globe with a focus this year on small island nations. LTL constantly aims to create litter-free/nude/rubbish-free lunchboxes to reduce our impact on our precious environment.

Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon informs us this “World Environment Day, millions of individuals, community groups and businesses from around the world take part in local projects –from clean up campaigns to art exhibits to tree-planting drives. I urge everyone to think about the plight of Small Island Developing States and to take inspiration from their efforts to address climate change, strengthen resilience and work for a sustainable future. Raise your voice, not the sea level. Planet Earth is our shared island. Let us join forces to protect it.”

This World Environment Day LTL box includes:

- Wholemeal star sandwiches
- Tasty cheese and wholemeal crackers
LTL Cacao Little Cakes (no patty cake paper)
- Organic popcorn
- Strawberry yoghurt (with reusable spork)
- Rice crackers
- Grapes
- Organic dried cranberries and dried mango

Everyone can make a difference this World Environment Day and every day. To learn more click here.

Enjoy! Share! Learn! Be Inspired!

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