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LTL on Samson's lunchbox and learn about cystic fibrosis!


Lunch Box Information:

Meet Samson and his cheeky grin, full of energy, mischief and adventure. Samson and his family are kindly sharing one of Samson's lunchboxes to help raise awareness about CF, 'cystic fibrosis'.

Samson has CF but is just like any other six year old boy heading to school for the day with a full lunchbox.
Samson's mum Katrina ensures Samson's lunchbox is packed with the type of high-fat, high calorie food groups and medication that Samson requires throughout his day.
Samson's lunchbox includes:

·       Le Snack Cheddar Cheese

·       Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Bar

·       Cadbury Freddo Frog

·       Uncle Tobys Fruit Fix Bar

·       Mainland Tasty Cheese and Crackers

·       Monster Noodle Snack BBQ

·       Green Grapes

In six minutes you can understand more about what it is like to have CF at school. Click here to watch Cystic fibrosis at school.
A special THANK YOU to the amazing List family for helping us improve our awareness of CF at school and thank you for sharing Samson’s lunchbox. Please take the time to click here and view 'Through a mother's eyes dealing with Cystic Fibrosis' created by Samson's mum.  This is a moving story to created to educate more people about CF.  We love you Sam!

Lift the lid supports Cystic Fibrosis Queensland’s 'Go Red Month’ for February in an effort to raise awareness of the most common life-threatening genetic condition in Australia, and one that has no cure.

To keep connected and more informed you can also check out and like facebook page CF at School.

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