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As celebrations subside from our little girl’s first birthday, I wanted to sharea fun watermelon treat.  It’s perfect weather for cold about a happy face cold watermelon! 

To make a happy face watermelon:

-  cut the top off a whole watermelon

-  cut down and around edge of watermelon flesh (knife vertical to help with the next step)

-  scoop out all watermelon flesh and place in a bowl – use a melon ball scoop to create two watermelon balls for centre-piece of flowers and dice remaining watermelon flesh

-  use a small sharp knife to cut out flower shapes from watermelon lid

-  attach watermelon balls to flowers using a toothpick (cut one end of the toothpick off before inserting)

-  next cut out eyes and mouth shapes

-   place all watermelon back into carving and enjoy your happy face watermelon chilled.

Enjoy a watermelon carving for some added fun at your next summer celebration.

Lift the lid on kid’s lunchboxes aims to educate and share a variety of healthy lunchbox ideas with interested parents and carers providing information on of healthy lunchbox options for kids ultimately for improved lifelong learning, growing, creation of healthy eating habits and improved wellbeing.

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