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Prep: 10 mins
Cooking time: None but 1.5hrs freezer setting time, overnight setting time and fridge setting time
(Nut free and egg free)

Recipe Information:3 flavours of packet jelly (LTL used tropical, raspberry and lime)
Reusable squeezy pouches (LTL used Pouched)


- Make up two flavours of jelly as per the packet instructions. Place last jelly flavour aside unopened until next day. 
- Fill desired number of reusable pouches with approximately a third of the first jelly flavour. LTL started with tropical/yellow.

TIP: LTL used a pouring jug with a fine spout to quickly and easily fill our reusable pouches.

- Put lids on squeezy pouches and place in freezer for approximately 1.5 hours to set.

TIP: LTL made a small number of three-jelly squeezy pouches and then used the remaining jelly to make full one flavoured squeezy jelly pouches and fruit jellies.

- Remove pouches from freezer once first flavour is set, remove lids and add next flavour jelly, again approximately one third to each pouch. LTL used raspberry jelly second.
- Return all lids and place pouches in fridge to set overnight.
- Next morning make up final flavour jelly. LTL used lime.  Allow time for last flavour jelly to cool until it is lukewarm.
- Once cool enough add final jelly flavour to last third of pouch and return to fridge to set. Once set enjoy cold.

Note: LTL created these jellies after dinner one night hence the overnight process set-out above. 

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